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Benefits of a Dyslexia Treatment Program

Each dyslexia intervention is designed to maximize the benefits for the individual and optimize their reading remediation depending on their unique needs. In many cases, an experienced tutor may be able to provide reading support that can help a dyslexic individual overcome their reading struggles. For some students, however, an immersive dyslexia treatment program may offer benefits that other interventions may not be able to provide. Read below to learn about some of the advantages of an immersive dyslexia treatment program and when this may be more beneficial than tutoring.

Specialized Interventions

Effective dyslexia intervention equips dyslexic learners with valuable skills to help them read and write successfully. The components of a successful reading treatment will need to be analyzed and tailored to each student depending on where they need the most help. There is no single strategy that is perfect for every dyslexic student, but rather a combination of approaches and reading components are often utilized to help students learn their best. In an immersive dyslexia treatment program, students are surrounded by trained educators for the entire school day and are exposed to numerous specialized interventions that allow for more practice every day.

For example, the Orton-Gillingham Approach is a reading and spelling strategy that consistently prioritizes multisensory teaching and breaks language into manageable skills, which allows students to gradually build on their understanding of language each day. This approach, along with other language and reading components taught throughout the day, provides a more consistent break-down and repetition of essential reading skills. 

A Community of Like-Minded Peers

The outstanding community offered to students in this environment is one of the most notable benefits of an immersive dyslexia treatment program. In an all-day dyslexia program, students work alongside other dyslexic learners who approach reading and writing in a similar way. These shared experiences encourage dyslexic students to work hard alongside their peers and gain confidence that may have been damaged if they struggled in a general education setting. In a comfortable environment such as this, students often feel safer and willing to take a risk they might not otherwise do in a mainstream setting. Learning in a community that understands and celebrates dyslexic learners encourages these students to embrace their dyslexia as they learn and succeed in school.

Experienced Educators

A program dedicated to teaching dyslexic learners recognizes the importance of educators who have training and experience working with these students. Most educators are encouraged to learn the basics about dyslexia to help identify potentially dyslexic students and support them in the classroom. In an immersive dyslexia program, teachers are usually certified to work with dyslexic students and have training in reading components and teaching strategies that are effective for dyslexia. Whether they have experience in the Orton-Gillingham Approach or another multisensory phonetic teaching strategy, skilled educators are an essential component of a dyslexia treatment program. 

ReadSource is proud to encourage all members of the dyslexic community in and out of the classroom. With our educator training courses, highly trained tutors, and online resources, ReadSource works to support educators and dyslexic individuals as they work together to master reading and writing skills. Learn more about our mission and contact ReadSource with any questions!

ReadSourceBenefits of a Dyslexia Treatment Program

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