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Frequently Asked Questions About Dyslexia

A dyslexia diagnosis may result in an exhaustive list of questions concerning how dyslexia works, what it means, and what the future will look like for someone with dyslexia. Additionally, for those who have been learning with a dyslexia diagnosis for years, some new concerns may still arise from time to time. Dyslexia is complex, and as new research is published, we all continue to learn new things about this condition. ReadSource is proud to provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about dyslexia. Read below to find some answers or contact us if your question is not answered here!

ReadSourceFrequently Asked Questions About Dyslexia
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5 Most Common Myths About Dyslexia Debunked

With increasing awareness and advancements in research surrounding learning difficulties, dyslexia is more understood than ever before. Unfortunately, misconceptions and myths still exist regarding this language-based learning difference. To better identify and understand dyslexia, it is important to know not only what dyslexia is, but also what it is not. Below, we’ve compiled and debunked the five most common myths about dyslexia.

ReadSource5 Most Common Myths About Dyslexia Debunked
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