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Tips to Prevent Summer Learning Loss

The summer holidays are often a welcome break for teachers, parents, and students to enjoy some free time and relaxation. However, with decades of research highlighting the potential consequences of summer learning loss, parents and educators may feel a sense of panic as the summer approaches. But the loss of academic skills is nothing to worry about as long as parents know what to look for! All of the knowledge that students have acquired during the school year can continue to grow over the summer, even if they aren’t in the classroom. Read below to learn more about summer learning loss and how to keep students’ skills sharp through the break.

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Tips to Inspire Summer Reading in Dyslexic Students

It’s summer and that means it’s time for family vacations, backyard barbecues, and for many students, a break from school. But even if students aren’t in the classroom, there are plenty of ways to encourage young learners to keep up their skills, especially when it comes to reading. Many students may view summer reading as a chore, but children can lose valuable language skills over the summer if they don’t practice reading over the break. For all students and especially dyslexic students, it is essential to continue reading over the summer and developing the reading skills they practice during the school year. Here are some tips that can help inspire summer reading in dyslexic students. 

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