Executive Function

Why Do Executive Functioning Skills Matter?

There is no limit to the skills and knowledge that students can master throughout their time in school. From learning how to study to practicing relevant skills for a specific subject, teachers and students have a lot to learn together! Students with learning differences like dyslexia may need additional help with a beneficial set of skills known as executive function. Executive functioning skills include essential mental abilities like working memory, flexible thinking, and self-control that can significantly impact how students can succeed in school and beyond. Read below to learn more about executive functioning skills and why they matter. 

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How to Help Students Develop Executive Function Skills

Although executive function may seem like a skill more suited to CEOs in a boardroom rather than to children in a classroom, executive function can make a difference in students of all ages. Students with dyslexia, however, may have more trouble developing these skills and may struggle with certain subjects in school as a result. Regardless of the development of executive function skills, dyslexic students can still get overwhelmed by the time it takes to complete their work. Thankfully, there are numerous activities that are fun for the whole family and can help children improve executive function skills at every age. Learn more about how students develop executive function skills and how these attributes can make a difference for students with dyslexia.

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