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ReadSource and The Schenck School are excited to partner with Made by Dyslexia and Microsoft to help educate the public about dyslexia. We are working with technology giant Microsoft and the global charity supported by Sir Richard Branson, Made By Dyslexia, to inform global audiences about dyslexia. Schenck School faculty joined celebrities including Sir Richard Branson, Keira Knightley, Orlando Bloom and Maggie Aderin-Pocock to create five Dyslexia Awareness training films. The modules are designed to help teachers and educators understand dyslexia, both its strengths and challenges, gain essential knowledge in how to recognize and support it, and create a dyslexia inclusive classroom.

Since launching in 2017, Made by Dyslexia has strived to help the world properly understand and value dyslexic thinking. Made by Dyslexia Founder, Kate Griggs, recently shared five of the organization’s achievements over the past five years:

  • "Dyslexia expert teachers from two world-leading schools are sharing their wisdom and expertise in these modules. Millfield School UK and Schenck School USA are both pioneers in the field of dyslexia and the first schools in their respective countries to successfully support students with dyslexia, with a focus on dyslexic strengths. Made By Dyslexia is a global charity led by a cohort of some successful celebrities and individuals with dyslexia who support the charity by contributing their insights."

  • "Imagine a world where people with Dyslexia are educated in a way that supports them. It means anything is possible... ANYTHING is possible."

    Orlando Bloom Actor

Dyslexia Awareness Training Films

Module One: An Introduction to Dyslexia

Module Two: The Strength of Dyslexic Thinking

Module Three: The Challenges That Children Encounter In Education

Module Four: Advice On How Teachers Can Create An Inclusive Classroom For All Children

Module Five: How Teachers And Parents Can Identify Dyslexia Early – And How This Can Transform Educational Outcomes

Dyslexia Showcase

Dyslexia Awareness Courses

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