Reaching All Readers

Reaching All Readers is an asynchronous, virtual training course focused on effective, intentional reading instruction that helps all students in the classroom, not only those who struggle. In this course, skilled teachers and tutors use the Science of Reading to demonstrate how a multisensory, structured approach to reading instruction can transform reading outcomes in your classroom.

Designed to Support Teachers At All Levels
For those new to the classroom to veterans looking to sharpen their skills, all teachers will benefit from this teacher-led overview of the five areas of reading, plus written expression, covering topics such as phonemic awareness, handwriting, vocabulary, the structure of the English language and more.

Take the Course at Your Own Pace
You can take the modules in the order recommended or immediately jump to the topic that will help you most in the classroom.

This Is Not a Curriculum
Real classroom reading teachers provide the how’s and why’s behind what has made their phonics and reading comprehension instruction so successful. This course complements all curriculums by digging into the implementation.

Prerequisite: None

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