ReadSource Managing Director Brooke Kamke on Coffee Connections

“Some of our work within The Schenck School is to really recognize the dyslexic student as a person of value. These students are smart. They are trying very hard. They have one particular thing that is a challenge for them and at this school, we happen to know how to help them with that. With the students we work with through ReadSource, they may not be struggling with dyslexia but they’re struggling to read for any number of reasons. Our team is really built to help make them feel seen, to help fill that gap. In a lot of cases, they just missed some instruction. Maybe they have struggled with some of those building blocks and we can help build that back in for them. That helps to build confidence.” – Brooke Kamke, ReadSource Managing Director

ReadSourceReadSource Managing Director Brooke Kamke on Coffee Connections
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Who Can Benefit from Orton-Gillingham Training?

Educators and parents who work with struggling readers are always searching for ways to make a positive impact and encourage student growth. However, teachers and tutors need the right tools to empower students to improve their reading skills and achieve success in and out of the classroom. Orton-Gillingham training can equip educators and parents with the skills they need to work effectively with struggling readers and students with learning differences like dyslexia. Read below to learn more about who can benefit from Orton-Gillingham training.

ReadSourceWho Can Benefit from Orton-Gillingham Training?
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Response to April 9, 2019 Atlanta Journal-Constitution Op-Ed

In her opinion article published on the AJC website on Tuesday, April 9, columnist Maureen Downey invited educator Mary Kay Bacallao to share her views on Senate Bill 48, the “Dyslexia Bill,” which was passed by large majorities of the Georgia House and Senate and now awaits Governor Kemp’s signature.

As a board member of the International Dyslexia Association, expert contributor for Made By Dyslexia, Head of School at The Schenck School, one of the oldest and most highly respected elementary schools for students with dyslexia in the country, the father of a dyslexic child and dyslexic myself, I feel compelled to respond.

ReadSourceResponse to April 9, 2019 Atlanta Journal-Constitution Op-Ed
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