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We are here to empower communities to serve dyslexic learners. We accomplish this through offering resources, training and tutoring programs, and community partnerships. ReadSource always is looking for additional resources to add to our website. If you have questions you can’t find the answer, reach out.

ReadSource and The Schenck School are excited to partner with Made by Dyslexia and Microsoft to help educate the public about dyslexia through an original video series.

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In partnership with The Schenck School, ReadSource created a series of free awareness videos to help educate others on dyslexia and its characteristics.

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Dyslexia is a language-based learning difference. It affects the organization in the brain that controls the ability to process the way language is heard, spoken, read, or spelled. Learn what dyslexia is, the common signs and challenges of dyslexia, and characteristics of the dyslexic brain.

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Dyslexia can bring to light terms and phrases that are unfamiliar. We have compiled a list of dyslexia terms and definitions for your reference.

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One of the most effective dyslexia strategies for remediation is known as the Orton-Gillingham approach. Take a deeper dive into this approach to learn its history and what you can expect from utilizing it.

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Our webinars are the perfect solution for individuals who want to learn right from home. We cover a wide range of topics and provide associated resources.

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Interested in Reading More About Dyslexia?

If you are looking for even more content about dyslexia, check out our blog! We are constantly adding new posts covering topics we know are of interest. Below are some of our most recent blog posts.

Expository Writing Doesn’t Have to Be Boring: An Interview with Reading Remediation Specialist Laura Dreyer

On April 27th, 2022, Laura Dreyer, M.S. of The Schenck School will present a webinar centered on the importance of structured literacy and expository writing. The webinar, Structured Literacy: Writing and Content Unite, is aimed at teachers who want to unite engaging content with writing in their classrooms. We sat down with reading specialist Laura Dryer to discuss her background and gain insight into her upcoming IDA-GA webinar.

3 Things to Know About Structured Literacy for Reading Remediation

Reading remediation is a great method to address the learning challenges that dyslexic students face. By utilizing remediation techniques, the instructor introduces multisensory, creative approaches to help dyslexic students fulfill their potential. However, before introducing these strategies to students, teachers should know what they entail and how to implement them efficiently.

Three Reasons Teachers Should Consider Orton-Gillingham Training

Training programs for teachers can provide numerous benefits, from staying up-to-date with current research to professional development. While there are many programs for teachers to consider, few are as insightful, resourceful, and unique as Orton-Gillingham training programs.

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