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Talking with Your Child About Dyslexia

Regardless of when parents receive a dyslexia diagnosis for their child, this news can bring up a lot of emotions. Many parents want to be supportive and encouraging of their child, but they may also be experiencing a range of feelings as they process this news themselves. Although it can feel challenging and confusing at first, having conversations about dyslexia is one of the best things parents can do with their children. Talking about dyslexia helps promote understanding for both parents and kids, and a simple discussion can go a long way in the development of a dyslexic child. Read below to learn more about how to start and continue conversations about dyslexia with your child. 

ReadSourceTalking with Your Child About Dyslexia
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After a Dyslexia Diagnosis: What Comes Next?

There’s no right or wrong way to feel after receiving a dyslexia diagnosis for your child. The key is to remain patient with yourself and your child as you figure out what to do next. While knowing which steps to take after getting a dyslexia diagnosis can be confusing, the ReadSource is here to walk you through it. Read below to learn more about some helpful tips for what you should do after a dyslexia diagnosis.

ReadSourceAfter a Dyslexia Diagnosis: What Comes Next?
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Understanding Dyslexia: 5 Things You May Not Know

Although nearly 20% of the United States population has dyslexia, this learning disability is still surprisingly misunderstood. Dyslexia is not a disease that needs to be cured, however, research-based tools like the Orton-Gillingham Approach are designed to expand dyslexic student’s abilities. Read below to discover five things you may not know about dyslexia and expand your understanding of this unique learning challenge.

ReadSourceUnderstanding Dyslexia: 5 Things You May Not Know
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