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The Impact of ReadSource

When ReadSource was founded in 2014, The Schenck School Board of Trustees’ intention was for this community outreach program to help students overcome reading deficiencies. As the years progressed, we are so thrilled to see our impact extend to students, educators, and other members of the dyslexia community. Though 2020 brought plenty of challenges, the team at ReadSource stayed focused on our work and overcame every obstacle we encountered. Read below to learn about the impact of ReadSource over the past several years, and be on the lookout for what we do next!

Partnership with Purpose Built Schools Atlanta

When we began our partnership with Purpose Built Schools Atlanta working in the spring of 2018, we hoped to positively influence students at Thomasville Heights and Slater Elementary Schools and equip them with valuable reading skills. As we continue working in the third year of our partnership, we have increased our impact by working with around 300 students twice each week. Additionally, 2020 emphasized the importance of digital outreach and challenged us to find creative ways to reach out to our students. As we focused on closing the gap of reading skills that students faced because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we recognized the importance of working directly with students during remediation. We have been able to offer this targeted support by expanding our team of remediation specialists to ten outstanding educators. 

Expanded Teacher Training and Educational Materials

While we love working directly with students to improve their reading skills, ReadSource also prioritizes teacher training. In 2020, ReadSource provided synchronous online training to over 550 teachers, including 250 educators in the Atlanta Public School System. By offering guided training in teaching approaches like Orton-Gillingham, more teachers can implement these helpful interventions to students who are struggling to read. We are continuing to expand our available teacher training courses to make them more accessible to educators throughout the school year and across the country. In addition to our more expansive expert training, ReadSource has also revitalized our library of educational materials to make concepts easier to understand and more engaging. These professionally designed teacher training documents are all available with digital copies, so teachers can easily access and share these materials online. 

Online Resources and Outreach

In all of the work that we do, we are constantly looking for opportunities to expand our reach and positively impact more students and teachers. From our educational webinars viewed by a global audience to our partnership with Made By Dyslexia and Microsoft, ReadSource is reaching more communities every day. In addition to these online resources that are informing and educating individuals around the world, ReadSource has made an outstanding impact on social media with our informative posts and efforts to expand dyslexia awareness

ReadSource has made excellent progress over the past few years, and we are not slowing down anytime soon. As we continue to make our resources more widely available, ReadSource remains focused on our primary goal of supporting students with reading deficiencies. With improved research, partnerships, educational opportunities, and outreach programs, we continue to transform the lives of teachers and students. Explore everything ReadSource has to offer and contact us today!

ReadSourceThe Impact of ReadSource

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