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Tips to Help Dyslexic Students Prepare for the New School Year

The summer is a time to relax and recharge. However, parents of dyslexic students may find concerns about how their child will perform after a few months out of the classroom. Don’t worry, that’s totally normal! With just a few proactive steps, parents and kids can enjoy their free time over the summer, while also getting ready for everything that comes with a new school year. Follow these tips to help your dyslexic student get a head start before schools start back in the fall. 

Keep reading over the summer

First things first, continue reading throughout the summer! Whether it’s a summer reading list of chapter books, a comic book, or just reading street signs or billboards out loud, kids can practice their reading skills wherever they are. Many dyslexic students appreciate a schedule or routine of some kind, so set aside some time each day where they can practice reading or writing. Additionally, decide on a way to celebrate when your child finishes reading something, whether it’s watching a movie version of the book they read or having a themed dinner to recognize this accomplishment.

Learn about the interventions and accommodations for dyslexia at school

The summer is the perfect time for parents and kids to discuss what worked and what didn’t work during the previous school year. From developing a sense of self-confidence to prioritizing the right interventions and accommodations at school, families can take some time over the summer to review their education plan. This is especially important for students who are getting ready to transition to a new school where parents may be unfamiliar with the support offered to students with learning differences. Parents and children can communicate with the teachers and support staff at their new school over the summer and learn more about what to expect for the upcoming school year. 

Work ahead when possible

Balance those relaxing summer days with some educational excursions that can be fun, safe, and enjoyed from the comfort of your home. Help your student do some research on some of the subjects they will cover in the next school year, and then find some opportunities to get introduced to these new topics. Online museum tours, curated reading lists, or a topical magazine can all help students gain a general understanding of many different subjects, which can go a long way in the new school year. Encouraging students to learn about new ideas in the ways that are most interesting to them improves their confidence and makes them more excited to learn new things in school.

There is nothing wrong with taking some time to kick back and relax over the summer. However, it is essential for dyslexic students to continue using the
skills they work so hard to develop during the school year. Remember to be encouraging and patient with yourself and your student this summer as you both continue to learn! 

ReadSource is passionate about equipping parents and educators with the tools they need to best serve the dyslexic community in and out of the classroom. From providing basic information about dyslexia to offering opportunities for continuing education, ReadSource knows what’s most important to parents and educators of dyslexic individuals. Browse our resources, learn more about our initiatives, or donate to ReadSource today!


This blog was written with contributions from Ellen Hill.

ReadSourceTips to Help Dyslexic Students Prepare for the New School Year

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