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Andrew Young

“Growing up in the segregated south with dyslexia and attention deficit disorder, my escape was facilitated by compassionate and thoughtful teachers like Selma Ridgway, who recognized that different is not a disability, but rather simply a challenge. Creative Learners offers a comprehensive roadmap for teachers who often struggle with overcrowded classrooms, inadequate facilities, and students who may be unaware of their learning differences. This invaluable resource, told through the prism of students, parents, and teachers, can remarkably reshape the educational paradigm, inspiring many who have been abandoned because they did not fit into a system. Imagine a world where educators utilize differences to motivate students to achieve—Selma Ridgway has opened a portal to that world and we should embrace it forcefully. As Ambassador to the United Nations, I traveled the world and preached the Gospel of education as the most potent antidote to poverty, racism, and conflict. This marvelous book will be an effective tool for uplifting our ‘different children.’”

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