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Benefits of Teacher Training for Dyslexia

Educators have an extraordinary opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children each and every day. With this honored position in kids’ lives, teachers also have a desire and responsibility to stay up to date on the best practices for each subject. Teachers can improve their teaching skills through opportunities for continuing education, although it may be difficult to know which teacher training course offers the most benefits for an educator. Read below to learn about some of the benefits of teacher training for dyslexia and how it helps all students–even those without dyslexia!

Keep up to date with current research.

Research about dyslexia continues to evolve, and through continuing education opportunities, educators can learn more about what works best for dyslexic students. In addition to research that is specific to individuals with dyslexia, researchers and educators are continuing to learn more about how all children learn to read and which teaching methods are most useful. Developing research-based lesson plans can be challenging if teachers don’t have a clear way to keep up with current best practices. A teacher training program for dyslexia provides educators with the most up-to-date research and offers a space for teachers to learn how to work with dyslexic students successfully.

Learn essential skills from experienced professionals 

There are countless resources online to help teachers learn and share their knowledge with other educators, especially for critical skills like reading and writing. However, some popular sites may not have a reliable vetting process, which leaves teachers at risk of using materials that are not effective. Using a lesson plan template from an online source may be convenient, but teachers cannot be sure that these teaching strategies are best for their students. A teacher training course led by a certified educator guarantees that participants receive information and resources from reputable sources. In an official Orton-Gillingham training course, for example, the instructor should be certified in the Orton-Gillingham Approach and will share resources proven to be effective.

Teach to help all students in the classroom

In a teacher training course for dyslexia, educators can expect to learn some specific teaching strategies related to dyslexia. And while these approaches may be targeted towards students with learning differences, teaching strategies for dyslexia helps all students learn to read, even those students without dyslexia. For example, an Orton-Gillingham training course may focus on benefits that are unique to this approach and encourages teachers to utilize multisensory, prescriptive, and diagnostic lessons. After participating in a teacher training course for dyslexia, an educator should ideally feel prepared to teach not only students with dyslexia how to read more effectively, but all students in a given classroom. 

ReadSource is proud to support educators, parents, and all other members of the dyslexia community. From our teacher training courses to our online resources, everything we do focuses on empowering communities and serving dyslexic learners. Whether you are a parent of a dyslexic student or an educator looking to support struggling readers, ReadSource is here to help. Learn more about our initiatives and get involved today!

ReadSourceBenefits of Teacher Training for Dyslexia

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