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Workshops/Certified Coursework

ReadSource provides workshops and certified coursework on the following topics. These offerings can be presented off-site and can be tailored to small or large groups, single day or multiple days.

Lesson Planning & Implementation: This workshop is geared for practitioners working in one-on-one tutoring settings. In the Lesson Planning and Implementation workshop, attendees will use informal evaluations to determine where to begin with a student. They will also understand an OG sequence of skills, how they build upon each other, and learn the essential components of an OG lesson plan and the reciprocal nature of reading and spelling. Attendees will practice how to drill various phonogram decks and use metacognitive strategies to improve working memory in students. During the final day, attendees will design and write specific lesson plans with word lists/phrases/sentences at basic and advanced levels. This is a 15 hour course. In conjunction with the Classroom Educator Class and Beyond the Basics, this course will satisfy the 70 hours of the coursework requirement at the Associate Level (Option B) of certification with Orton-Gillingham Academy.


Prerequisite: There is no prerequisite for our workshops but having coursework at the Classroom Educator Level or Associate Level is highly preferred.
Course availability: Offered throughout the school year and in the summers. Days and times vary.

Course Openings

Lesson Planning & Implementation
3/15/23 – 5/3/23
Time: 3:00 – 4:30 PM EST on Wednesdays
Format: Delivered Virtually
Instructor: Josie Calamari
Cost: $675


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ReadSourceWorkshops/Certified Coursework