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Reading Comprehension & Vocabulary

This workshop will outline techniques for teachers to improve their students’ reading comprehension skills. The Reading Rope is a visual metaphor developed by Dr. Hollis Scarborough in 2001 to illustrate the various strands that must be intertwined for skilled reading to occur which includes skills necessary for word recognition and language comprehension. This workshop will focus on the language comprehension strand of the Reading Rope, and how it contributes to overall reading comprehension. Participants will understand the importance of building background knowledge, effective vocabulary instruction, and critical thinking skills (metacognition) in order to increase reading comprehension of nonfiction text.

This is a 15-hour course that satisfies a portion of the coursework requirement at the Certified Level of certification with the Orton-Gillingham Academy.


Prerequisite: None, but some Orton-Gillingham coursework is preferred

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Sharon GoldmacherReading Comprehension and Vocabulary